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10 secret tricks to be a ZOOM pro!

Zoom is becoming part of our daily working life and even personal too, however, it can still feel very new to some and very overwhelming. Here at the CPA we are virtual pros so here are some of the top tricks to use in Zoom.

  • You can hold down the space bar to unmute yourself.

  • You can save your chat by clicking the 3 little buttons in the bottom right corner of the chat. (This is really helpful if people are sharing business information and you want to remember it for later)

  • You can change your name by clicking the 3 little buttons in the top right of your video box and go to 'rename'.

  • You can change your view by clicking on the speaker/gallery view icon in the top right of your screen or on a phone by swiping to the left.

  • If you click on ‘minimise’ for the whole window your video box will appear over your screen so you can keep working.

  • You can change your background to a 'virtual' one and can even create this in Canva. (or get a VA to design it for you!)

  • You can touch up your appearance by clicking video settings, and under 'My Video', check the box for ‘Touch Up My Appearance’. Boom instance freshness!

  • You can use reactions to give a thumbs up or a clap if you are on mute.

  • You can record your meetings and should so that you can reference back to them should you need to send them on in the future (with permission).

  • There are many keyboard shortcuts also available which you can find out here:

Hopefully that helps to get you started. I will be doing some video demonstrations over on Instagram over the next coming weeks so you can see them in action.

Good luck!

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