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Reasons to love small business

From your favourite local café, to artists selling unique pieces online, to the most innovative tech start-ups, small businesses are making a big impact.

Small organisations and microbusinesses can offer a personal touch and bespoke service that corporations simply can’t compete with. There’s nothing quite like a personalised e-mail thanking you for your custom, or a barista who knows you by name and has your drink ready as you walk in the door.

Here’s five reasons why you should love small business.

Positive Change

With so many issues facing society, small businesses are in a great position to be the change makers we need. A prime example is the complex issue of environmental degradation and climate change. Alternatives to plastic wrapped, air freighted, single use products are very often produced and sold on a small scale by local companies. Consumers are increasingly conscious about the impact of their purchasing decisions and by providing real alternatives, small businesses are pioneering the shift to a low carbon economy.

Building Relationships

Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool for companies that don’t have the cash for huge advertising campaigns. Repeat custom comes from people getting to know a business and trusting them to provide the very best products or services. Customers are more than just numbers to a small business; they are people with whom they have built real and lasting relationships. Genuine friendships can blossom between people who are like-minded and get excited about the same things.


More often than not, small businesses start from passion. They take time to build from the ground up and are usually run on a very tight budget. Far from a way to make a quick buck, entrepreneurs work for love more than for money. You won’t find any corporate culture here! You’ll also get a product or service that feels more authentic. Unique products crafted by hand feel that bit more special than something mass produced in a factory.

Economic Growth

The UK economy is built on small business. In 2019, 99.3% of businesses had 0-49 employees. SMEs account for 99.9% of the business population, provide three fifths of total employment, and around half of the turnover of the UK’s private sector.* That’s a force to be reckoned with. They also bring growth and innovation to local economies.

Helping Communities

Small businesses bring character and individuality to a community. Local business owners are personally invested in the area they operate in and they are likely to participate in events, charity fundraisers and voluntary work. Small business owners may also speak in schools and colleges, fuelling a new generation of entrepreneurs.

As a big fan of supporting small organisations as a customer, I’m really excited to take the next step and work with them as a virtual assistant!

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