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5 outsourcing fears you may have and how I can scare them off

👻 Happy Halloween! 🎃

Are you spooked by outsourcing?

Your business is your baby so I can understand why it’s daunting to hand over responsibility to someone else, particularly if you don’t know them that well. But for how long have you wanted to work on areas of your business that keep getting pushed to the bottom of your to-do list because you’re busy helping customers? I can certainly relate!

Here's five reasons why you may be uncertain about outsourcing and how I can help!

😱 Safety Concerns: You may have confidential information and data that needs to be kept private

➡️ I am registered with the ICO and ensure that your private and customer information is protected under GDPR regulations. When onboarding new clients, I have a Privacy Policy and I also have an NDA document that I can sign if necessary.

😱 Processes: You have your own way of doing things and you're unsure about passing this over

➡️ I am happy to learn your processes and systems and I have an understanding of a range of platforms which I can recommend or implement to help you run your business efficiently.

😱 Expense: You may feel you can save money by completing tasks yourself

➡️ Simply by outsourcing a few tasks you will feel the weight off your shoulders and have time to focus on sales and bringing the money in! By providing marketing support, I can help you to reach more customers and make more money 👍

😱 Communication: You feel worried that communication will be lost by working with someone virtually

➡️ There are many ways we can maintain regular contact and we can go with whichever method works best for you- email, Slack, Zoom, regular phone calls (what are they?), Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, snail mail!

It’s very straightforward to make an appointment with me via Calendly, which will then be added to our calendars. I’m happy to catch up weekly, monthly, fortnightly, whatever works best according to your level of requirement.

I can also set up a project management system such as Trello or Asana so that we can be on the same page and you have visibility of tasks completed.

😱 Lack of knowledge about your business: You know your business inside out and a VA doesn't

➡️ I love learning more about independent businesses and the stories about why and how you started. I get a real kick out of helping others, especially inspiring business owners! I offer a free discovery call to get to know more about you and your business and I'm happy to carry out research.

When I worked in London, I interviewed many charities and social enterprises working in a variety of sectors, from animal welfare to mental health and international aid, and really enjoyed learning more about them.

When you outsource work, you swap working ‘in your business’ for working ‘on your business’. I know how it feels to wear every hat as a small business owner but by learning to let go, you can outsource the overwhelm and move past the mental blocks that stop your business from progressing.

So banish the fear and give me a hat or two!


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