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Why Outsource?



Saves you time

We know how long it takes to type and tidy up your notes from a meeting - usually 3 to 4 times as long as the actual meeting itself. Let us do the hard work instead.

Cost effective for your clients

As we mentioned at point one, it can take 3 to 4 times as long to type and tidy up notes from a meeting, imagine how much you could save your clients by having us do it at a lower hourly charge rate.


You can focus on your conversations

Instead of having to pause a sensitive meeting to make sure you’ve captured all the right information, having a VA present to do that for you, or by recording the meeting to have us type up later, means you can truly focus and engage in the conversation helping to strengthen the relationships you need to build to get open and honest communication and help put individuals at ease during what is often a difficult meeting.



By using someone from outside of your organisation (if you're an in-house HR Professional) or your clients' organisations (if you're a HR Consultant), you can be confident that all discussions and investigations will remain confidential - no coffee break gossip. It also prevents an internal member of staff being put in a difficult position if they are asked to assist with meetings regarding colleagues.


“I  needed a note taker to support my HR consultancy. Could not have made a better choice. Not only produced quality work but also demonstrated quick and incisive understanding of the complex situation that enabled valuable support in delivering a positive outcome.”

David Thomas | HR Consultant and Management Trainer at DTHR Solutions

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