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5 ways to organise your business online

Being a solo business owner can be daunting, not just at the best of times but most of the time.

You've got your product or service nailed and you know your offering, you know you can do that part (most of the time) but what about your business?

What about organising your daily/ weekly /monthly tasks, what about keeping an eye on where your leads are coming from or the process your customers have gone through, planning your goals, your strategy, marketing plans, social media planning, the list feels endless.

Well, when I started my VA journey I was introduced to many online systems but specifically my favourite one at the moment, Trello. Trello is an online tool that allows you to organise projects, that could be for personal or business. It's basically like an online whiteboard. It's extremely visual and really user-friendly.

You may have never of heard of Trello, or you have but are using it for some very basic stuff. What if there was more to it?

Here are my top 5 ways you can organise your business through Trello:

1. To-do list:

The basic function of Trello is being able to create your to-do list and being able to put a deadline against it! You can organise via flow (To-do, in progress, carry over, completed), by day, or by an array of different areas that suit your relevant project.

2. Social Media content planning:

Trello is great for brain-dumping, you can brainstorm all your ideas or content, add pictures that you've designed in canva, and you can see them all in a whizzy calendar view.

3. Lead management:

One thing that is amazing about online work management systems is the fact that you can follow a process. When you get a new lead or client, how great would it be if you already had a checklist set up of all the things you need to do......cue.....Trello checklists!

4. Business planning:

Trello allows you to have multiple 'boards' (remember like white boards), so what's great is you can have different boards for various areas of your business - thinking of launching a new product, service then just create a new board.

5. Marketing planning:

Essential to any business is your marketing plan, you can accumulate all the aspects of all the top 4 above and use various boards, lists, checklists, due dates, calendar view and more to make sure your marketing plan is working for you.

As I've said, this can be a hard task to tackle alone but with online tools readily available for free it doesn't have to be so daunting. I can help you navigate Trello as just one of the online tools and make it work for you and your business.

If you feel that this could be of use to your business, then I have just launched my first workshop an, Introduction to Trello. It will be 1.5 hours over Zoom and will cover all the basics of Trello's functionality plus showing you how you can utilise it for your business. I will also include TWO FREE boards that you can go away and copy and then use in your business going forward.

This workshop is for you if you are a solo-business owner and need help getting the internal part of your business organised. I have 15 years experience in marketing, events & project management and love to help other businesses plan and get organised.

You can find me on Instragram, Facebook and LinkedIn - Rachel, The Contemporary PA - Helping you save time by making plans.


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