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Launch to the Virtual World

There’s nothing that a Virtual Assistant wouldn’t do for their clients. Buy a birthday present? No problem. Book personal appointments? Of course. Do the food shop? Yes, even that.

Virtual assistant business The Contemporary PA has formed an agreement to allow individuals wanting to launch in to the virtual world the ability to run their own operations under The Contemporary PA branding.

After working in a law firm for ten years and alongside the Senior Partnership team, Gemma moved to Birmingham to work for a company who specialised in collaborative workspaces for freelancers. It was here she says her eyes were opened to a brand-new way of working, one which was a world apart from what she was used to. Now she works as a freelancer juggling a number of different clients. “A lot of people don’t have time on their hands, and that’s where I fit in. It means people can concentrate on the stuff they want to do, such as spending more time on their business or with their family”.

The industry has seen incredible growth in recent years, and it has been said it is now worth $5 billion due to the demand for outsourcing and it is predicted that over 40% of the UK workforce will want to work remotely by 2020*.

For the VA, working from home provides huge benefits such as cutting out the daily commute and the flexibility of setting their own hours. For VAs with children, this is one of the main attractions of the career.

In addition, a License agreement has already been signed between the owner of The Contemporary PA and Jennifer Prince, Licensee who will be based in Poundbury. “I am fascinated by the digital world and will often enjoy an evening of reading about the latest digital advancements and trends. The role of a Virtual Assistant plays to my strengths and allows me to offer services based on those which are sometimes overlooked in the more traditional office environment. I was amazed by the knowledge that Gemma, The Contemporary PA has in the field and most importantly the values, ethos and ethics which the business is based upon”. Jennifer Prince, Licensee.

The aim is to utilise available technology and digital advances to support small businesses, start-ups, entrepreneurs and the changing business landscape in the local area by offering an alternative to more traditional business operations. “Using a Virtual Assistant allows accessibility to highly skilled people, even for small businesses, facilitating efficient operations of their business and services”. Gemma Wall, Owner The Contemporary PA.

Businesses who instruct a Virtual Assistant pay on an ad hoc basis when he or she needs something doing, rather than having to provide a full-time annual salary as well as the other benefits a permanent employee would receive, and this cost-effectiveness is a key appeal.

The business focus is on solutions to support the changing needs of businesses across all markets.

“Virtual services and technological and digital advances are key innovations for the success of small businesses, particularly in rural areas. It allows an opportunity to connect with much wider markets and audiences without huge cost”. Gemma Wall, Owner The Contemporary PA.

“Our vision is to offer new opportunities for the local community in the way of career choice as well as create a thriving business community by supporting innovative businesses and freelances, who often find themselves relocating due to the constraints and challenges faced by smaller towns”. Gemma Wall, Owner The Contemporary PA.

The Contemporary PA offers administrative and digital services to businesses throughout the UK. Launched in 2017, the business has seen significant growth in the industry, and offers efficient, professional and affordable solutions for businesses, particularly SMES and entrepreneurs. Most recently, the business has launched its License allowing individuals across the UK the chance to train as a VA and use the branding of The Contemporary PA to set up and run their own VA business.

“I am so excited to be in a position where I can help driven and passionate individuals run their own business and create a life they love”. Gemma Wall, Owner The Contemporary PA.

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