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LinkedIn Company Pages: It’s hot right now

If you’re a B2B business you’re most likely to have a personal profile on LinkedIn, but are you utilising LinkedIn company pages?

The platform is seeing some big changes and is releasing new features almost on a monthly basis, particularly relating to company pages.

With any social platform, when these sites introduce changes, as they are looking to push and promote them, they favour those that make use of the new features, and it appears that LinkedIn is doing just that.

We’ve been monitoring our own company page as well as our clients’ and all have seen significant reach and engagement increase over the last few months. What does that mean? Basically, if you’re not using a company page on LinkedIn right now, you should be. Unlike Facebook for example, LinkedIn’s algorithm seems to be favouring businesses who are posting consistent and relevant content.

Will it last forever? Probably not. That’s why you should be making the most of it now. Inevitably, what goes up, or in social speak ‘gets popular’ must come down or ‘be monetised’. As the platform begins to grow in these areas, algorithms will evolve and become more complex in an effort to show people what they want to see, and when that happens, it can be very difficult to cut through all the noise without putting money behind it.

Our top tips when it comes to LinkedIn Company pages

Complete your profile. That includes company description, specialities, industry and website link. Make sure you use language that helps users to understand your value and purpose.

Be sure to add your logo and a relevant page header.

Make sure you can be found. Users can search keywords to find what they’re looking for, including companies. Make sure you’re getting relevant words and phrases into your description and content.

Post content daily. Of course, it needs to be engaging content. Posting daily is an effective way to start a conversation and engage with your audience. Share company news, articles, thought leadership pieces.

Share content. LinkedIn encourages the sharing of other users’ content and articles, even suggesting ones that may be relevant to you or your industry. Make sure you’re ‘getting social’ by sharing user content and engaging with posts by your connections.

If you need help setting up your company page, why not speak to our team?

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