50 Shades of VA

The Virtual Assistant industry is growing rapidly and there are VAs popping up across the UK daily. However, it amazes me how many people still haven’t heard of us, nor do they know what it is we actually do. So being the generous people we are, we thought we’d help you out with our 50 shades of VA.

What exactly is a Virtual Assistant?

In the early days, a Virtual Assistant could simply be translated as a personal assistant or administrative assistant who worked from a remote location rather than onsite or in your office. They did exactly what a PA would do, just from home or their own base, and usually supported many business owners rather than just one Director.

Nowadays the VA role has developed substantially and although we still do the above, you’ll find VAs offer way more than the traditional PA role, for example digital services and consultancy services.

#Shade 1 – Administration

Virtual Assistants can support with all aspects of traditional administration from data input (YES, WE LOVE IT!) to generating invoices.

#Shade 2 – Virtual Receptionist

Customer Service is vital to any business, and first impressions count. Not being able to be reached just isn’t acceptable, especially in an age where we expect answers instantly thanks to a certain search engine. Everything is obtainable at a touch of a button, and you and your business are no exception.

Using VOIP systems and rerouting, VAs can answer your calls, personalising it to your business, allowing your customers to feel valued. This service is especially important to small businesses who are often out of the office or on site.

#Shade 3 – Blogging

It’s no secret that blogging is a huge part digital marketing, and most businesses should be using this to their advantage for SEO and connecting with consumers. Blogging creates huge trust with your audience if done correctly and can help your brand gain traction fast. But, it’s also no secret that some of us can’t think of anything worse than sitting down for a couple of hours trying to get ideas out of our head and on to paper.

Thankfully, yes you guessed it, there are Virtual Assistants who love nothing more than sitting down somewhere quiet, researching all the elements that make up a blog and creating it on your behalf.

#Shade 4 – Social Media

Urgh that thing! Love it or hate it, it is a huge platform that allows you to reach millions of people with very little monetary investment. However, it can take a lot of investment in time.

Social media is more than just automating posts. The clue is in the title. It’s about being social. Interaction on your part and engaging with your consumers and other social media users will positively impact on your own profiles. The key to social media is careful planning and consistency. Understanding your clients, what they want and where they'll be is an absolute must for reaching your audience.

Yep, we can do it all for you!