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The Voice behind the Screen

Have you ever considered why Virtual Assistants don’t seem to rave about the work they do or share the identity of the clients they work for? Some barely even seem to have reviews.

Well, I’m going to let you in to a little secret. So many of our clients don’t want you knowing they use a VA, particularly when it comes to the Virtual Assistant managing their Social Media Campaigns or Blogs. But why not?

We all have those celebrities, social media influencers and brand accounts that we just can’t get enough of. Their message is spot on and resonates with us. Plus, can you actually believe they even reply to us when we DM them or drop a comment on their post?! That never happened when I was growing up and #Crushing on Busted or McFly. What would happen if their audience suddenly discovered that the voice behind the screen wasn’t truly their voice? The person or brand they had followed, invested in and connected with wasn’t what they thought it was? Would their fan base be quite so loyal?

So, have you ever considered who is actually sat behind the screen creating and curating content on their behalf? I mean, clearly most of us are aware our fav celebs aren’t sat on Insta 24/7, so who is? Well, ta-da, that’s where we come in – Virtual Assistants.

There are two big key elements to make a relationship like this work:

1. Confidentiality. Having a VA that understands and respects that the relationship between you and them needs to remain unknown is a huge factor. Thankfully, the majority of VAs have done a stint in an office dealing information that can’t be shared. We’ve also been known to tell the odd lie, or bend the truth as I’d rather put it, for previous bosses.

2. A Virtual Assistant who understands your brand. Using just any assistant isn’t going to cut it. You need a VA who is almost a replica of you. Someone who has taken the time to research you and your brand, understands it’s key message and can communicate your authentic voice rather than theirs. If this element is missing, followers and customers are going to see right through it all.

So the next time you like, comment or share your favourite celeb or brand’s post, maybe spare a thought for the real voice behind the screen who doesn’t often get recognised by the mass for the great work they do.

And of course, if you’d like assistance with the voice behind the screen of your brand, The Contemporary PA team are only too happy to help… we just can’t give you references from our current clients 😜

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