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My Coping Strategies Being a Solopreneur

I'm often asked how I manage to work solo from home. The truth is sometimes it can be tough.

The first rule is self discipline. Without it, I'm not sure I'd achieve much in the day. I write myself a plan of action every week and literally make my way through it ticking off as I go so I feel a sense of achievement.

Networking & Co-working. It's super important for me to get human contact. Some days it would be so easy to go 8 hours straight without speaking to a single person. Getting out there, working in cafes, meeting like-minded people all help to create to keep the isolation at bay.

Treats! If I manage to complete all my tasks and happen to have a spare hour or day, I allow myself to stop. Pressing the refresh button every once in a while helps to get the creative juices and motivation vibes going which helps my business move forward and continue to develop.

I look for work which makes me happy. When you love what you do it's not work. Choosing the people I work with and for allows me to take control and makes a huge difference - suddenly you want to get up and go! I also try to work on projects where I can make a difference. Often it involves giving my time for free but I know it will make a huge difference to someone's life and it's my way of giving back. It also helps with those good feel vibes.

And most of all, a good workout. We all know exercise is good for the body and the mind. Pounding the treadmill or lifting some weights allows me to rid all that excess energy I have because I spend a lot of time in from of my laptop and beat out any frustrations. Plugging in my headphones and cranking up the power tunes allows me my time and is where I love to disappear and have a break from the world.

Do you have any tips for working solo?

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