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The Contemporary PA is a Virtual Assistant service set up after seeing a gap in the market for a more modern way of working, specifically for those in more rural locations.

Although the concept is in existence, it is still in its infancy and very much a new way of working for many businesses, and the industry is predicted to explode over the next 5 years.

The most appealing aspect of being a VA is the flexibility it provides for anyone who wants to create a work life balance and those with family commitments. The traditional 9-5 is thrown out the window as you make your rules for working, which may fit around the school run, other jobs or even just taking some time out.

As well as setting your schedule and working hours, you get to choose your clients; you may wish to specialise in certain areas that play to your strengths or skill set. Plus, you get to set your charge rate, which means you get paid your worth and therefore is likely to result in a higher income than standard employment.

What makes a Contemporary PA is our passion for delivering a high-quality service which fits around the more modern needs of our clients and is affordable for SMEs and start-ups as well as larger corporations. It is this niche which has made The Contemporary PA so successful.

Our driver is to make a difference and add value to our clients, our community and our VA family. We are about far more than just making money.

Our role as a VA predominately is similar to a Personal Assistant but who works from a remote location offering administration services.

Amongst The Contemporary PA’s services we offer website creation and maintenance, design of office stationary, assistance with social media, as well as the more traditional administrative duties of a PA and a call handling service. Our aim is to take on the tasks and activities that prevent a business and its Directors or Managers from focusing on driving the business forward, thereby creating them more time and revenue.

Our focus is on building strong relationships with our clients and essentially becoming an extension of their business and their people. It is in the interests of both our clients and ourselves to really get to know their business and the way it works. The more we know, the better we can assist them, and therefore add the value we strive for.

What’s in a name?

The Contemporary PA does exactly what it says on the tin; it focuses on new; we’re all about innovation.

We use the latest technology and programmes available to us in order to provide our services to our clients, and make sure we are on top of all the latest updates and trends to the market.

We’re fresh and exciting and are all about fun. We want to create a buzz not only about our business but our clients’ businesses. And why do we do it? Because we LOVE it!

Have what it takes to be a CPA? We're looking for driven individuals who share our vision to join our family. Why not contact us and have a chat over a coffee and cake?

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