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Should I Blog?

You may be sat there thinking, what can blogging do for me? Blogging is useful for many reasons from helping to promote your business to aiding with SEOs. The potentials are endless and the reasons I blog is because of these potentials.

Simply writing a blog to explain about your business and a ‘dear diary’ moment of what your business has accomplished or what events and networking meetings you have been to, can really boost your brand awareness.

Some individuals have seen the true potentials of blogging and have turned it into a full-time business. By blogging, you can reach thousands of people at home, work and those on the go. These thousands of people who are they? Well, they’re anybody; self-employed people thinking I should do this, small business owners, corporate business owners or a random man or lady on the bus. Some of these people are employers, looking for social media and tech savvy people they want to employ. Some may be so interested in what you are writing about and are interested in your company they won’t be able to wait for your next blog and may make connections with you on your social media pages just to watch what you and your company does. At the same time imagine all those business owners reading your blogs and how just one blog can help them too!

Imagine more growth more income more custom. Sounds amazing right? Blogging actually does enforce more growth in your business and promotes new clients and more income.

Blogging can help with your SEO, or in other words Search Engine Optimisation. This means just by writing a blog with the right keywords, your SEO will boost!

When you want to know something do you still go to a library and look it up in a book? If you answered ‘no I just search on the internet’ then think about how many people do that nationally let alone around the world. The internet is the answer for most people, in some businesses they have to go online to access their computer software and other key products for their company. If you imagine the numbers of how many people go online every second, every minute of every day, imagine how many people would see your business because just by blogging it has endorsed your SEO! It shows commitment, professionalism and quality of service at its finest.

Think of all the benefits your business will encourage just by writing a blog!

Top Tips when it comes to Blogging:

  1. Set distinct goals and targets, this will give you vision and determination of why you are writing.

  2. Add you blog to your current website, make room for this as a separate page on your website, also advertise on pages and sites such as The Dorset Blog Space to promote your business.

  3. Keep your momentum and consistency throughout, ensure you keep your website and blog relatively similar – consistency is key!

  4. Ensure your content is relevant and worth reading.

  5. Keep a diary of when to blog and keep topics relevant. If you blog the same day every week or month readers will know when to look out for you next blog and will look forward to this.

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