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Gemma Wall

Virtual Assistant

Based in: Dorset

With over 10 years experience in an office, I have been a Junior, a Typist, a Receptionist, a PA to a Senior Partner, an Office Manager and a Community Co-Ordinator for a prestigious development company in Birmingham City Centre ...amongst other roles... so I like to think I know my stuff.


Outside of work I don't like to be bored either. I love to travel and have been fortunate enough to see some beautiful parts of the world. I push myself to my limits always striving for better in my work life as well as personal. I've jumped out of a plane, walked across Auckland Harbour Bridge, New Zealand, in torrential weather, and completed a couple of Tough Mudders.

My role is to help show you where and how you can save money by using the services of a Virtual PA and make sure that you have the right Contemporary PA to complement your business and activities whether that be myself of one of my amazing Licencees.

Fun Fact: Gemma set herself the goal of travelling to 30 countries before the age of 30, she visited 34!

Star Sign: Gemini


Social Media Example


My client instructed me to manage their social media platforms on their behalf. The end goal was to increase their presence and increase awareness of the ​wedding venue.

After only 2 months, their followers increased by 300 and three bookings had been made as a result of the venue being seen on social media.

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Blog Creation Example


After working with my client for a few months managing their emails and diary, the client instructed me to create two monthly blogs for them to help maintain their ranking on search engines and increase their viability, and to help them become a leader and known as an expert in their field.

Since then, the company has grown and expanded, and I have helped them to implement new processes and systems to manage and run at a larger scale.

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Design Example


As a new business, my client needed help to create a brand that reflected the luxury product they sell. I worked closely with them to create a name and branding that fitted.

Exhibiting at a large London Expo, my clients needed marketing collateral, so I was asked to create two brochures, one for residential and one for commercial, postcards and a display backdrop.

Website Example


I've worked with Tiger Lily Occasions since launching as a Virtual Assistant. Most recently, the company wanted to a rebrand. I worked closely with the owner to design a new logo, marketing collateral and a new website. 

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