As a business owner, you'll most likely want to focus your time and attention on keeping clients happy, finalising new sales, increasing production, and building credibility. Administration on the other hand, may become an area you have to do rather than want to do, and sometimes it takes a back seat as demands on a business owner increase with your growth. However, good administration is a vital part of a successful (and compliant) business.

Fortunately, daily admin doesn’t have to consume a large portion of your time. Rather, if done well it can improve your company efficiency, productivity, and profitability. By employing the services of a Virtual Assistant, you’ll be able to enhance the productivity and efficiency of your business and better your service and offering.

Basic Admin Services


Invoicing (including reminders)

Expenses and Record Keeping

Audio Typing/Dictation


Diary Management

Document Creation and Formatting

Events Management

Fleet Management - MOT, Insurance, Servicing

Website Creation, Updates, Maintenance

Research and Data Insights

Travel Arrangements

Email Management


How to work with a VA

1) Identify

All businesses operate in their own unique way, and therefore in order to best work with our clients, we need to understand you and your business. We ask you to spend a little time looking at the areas you would like to outsource. By identifying key areas which take you the most time, are repetitive tasks, you don't like to do or you lack the skills in are a great place to start.

2) Prepare

When you outsource to us, we'll need access to your systems and potentially have a profile set up to work within your business. It helps both parties if you have this information on hand, e.g. logins and passwords, branding pack, image bank. It's also useful for you to set some time aside to run us through your systems and procedures as well as the position you're currently at for ease of handover.